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did you know you can’t “POP your cherry”?  In this video i talk about:

what the hymen really is
how this myth is some sexist bullshit
and how to deal with your hymen the 1st time you have sex.


I consider myself pretty fuckin’ educated about sex, and even I didn’t fully understand what exactly the hymen was and how it works until pretty recently! No one teaches this shit! And that is FUCKED UP.


Very educational video. And hilarious.

the thumbnail. nomnomonomnomnom

but seriously, that’s pretty cool to know. thanks for that lol

See I was told about the hymen this way too but I wasn’t told that it covered the vaginal opening. In fact I wasn’t really told what it was at all, just that sex would hurt for the first time and it was a normal thing to hurt your partner when you have sex with them for the first time. Would you believe that the people telling me about the hymen were guys? Who heard it from other guys? It’s sad when it’s assumed that guys know more about a woman’s body than the woman does. This actually becomes the case when we’re put in the dark about these things.

That’s not much of an issue with me but this makes me pretty mad that this is supposed to be common place.


One of my very close friends that lives near to me has a younger sister (sixteen years old) who is very close to me. We all chill together as a group, and as she’s the youngest, we’ve essentially made her our unofficial daughter. 

A few weeks ago, she was over at our flat for a Saturday Movie Night, and my boyfriend and her brother were out to retrieve our movie snacks. She let it slip to me that she and her long-time girlfriend (long time being a year, oh to be young again) were interested in a sexual relationship, and she was very excited but very scared at the same time, because she was unsure of how to go about it and was even unsure about her anatomy. 

It saddened me to hear her talk about how she has been left in the dark by her supposed “sexual health” classes, which were obviously geared towards not only men but straight couples in particular, and I was honored that she is comfortable around me enough to talk about such serious personal matters. 

I told her I would get as much information for her as I possibly could, both general and specific, and arranged for us to meet my friend Christine a few days ago for a good talk about things. They hit it off, and she told me how she learned more about her body in 30 minutes talking to Christine than she had ever learned from any of her textbooks or lessons.

It angers me that still now, in the year 2012, women’s health is still kept in the dark as a means of controlling women and female-bodied people, and that hiding knowledge of their own bodies from them is for some reason an accepted and reinforced societal and cultural norm, and I have emailed this video to her in order to help her on her quest to better know her own- and her girlfriend’s- body.

Thank you for putting this out there. I watched it and learned something I may have never known, and I have been granted the great gift of passing the knowledge on to someone in need of this information as a growing woman in a fucked up world where this seemingly basic health information is treated as some kind of dark secret.

I have a tendency to adopt people, and as I have adopted her as my own, I was deeply saddened to see her so frustrated and upset about the lack of women’s health material available to her, especially during such a crucial point in her life. And I thought of how many other people in the world feel like she does.

Videos like this are a great help, and I’m almost sure she’s going to share it amongst her friends as well. Spreading the word helps to educate young people in need of discovering their own bodies- Something which should be openly available information, but unfortunately still isn’t. 

Serious talk time about understanding one’s bits.

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